Beware of What Violates Tawheed


Beware of What Violates Tawheed
by Imām al-Madīna al-Munawarrah 'Abdul Muhsin Ibn Muhammad al-Qāsim

All praise is due to Allaah, may peace and blessings of Allaah be upon the Messenger saws, his family and companions.

Brothers in faith! Fear Allaah as He should be feared, for whoever fears Allaah will be saved and whoever is sincere with Him will never be touched by any harm.

Fellow Muslims! Congratulations to those visitors of the Sacred House of Allaah; those who are among the racers to all that is good.

Brothers in faith! The religion of Islaam is a complete religion.

A religion that encompasses all benefits of mankind. In its acts of worship, laws of transaction, legal punishments and disciplinary laws lies what purifies the individual as well as the community, protects society from anarchy and disturbance and prevents people from committing sins and heinous acts. In fact, there is no prosperity for any individual in his life except by holding fast unto his religion and his good deeds will surely increase in reward if his faith and sincerity increases. Likewise, man’s good deeds get destroyed and it’s rewards denied when he associates partners to Allaah in acts of worship. There were people among the Quraysh who used to worship, perform pilgrimage, give alms, do good to the kith and kin, honour guests, confess that it is Allaah alone who creates and directs the affairs of all creatures and purify acts of worship for Allaah alone during difficulties. Yet, they took intermediaries between themselves and Allaah which they called unto, sacrificed for vowed to and sought relief from under a false claim that these intermediaries are closer to Allaah than themselves. Then Allaah sent Mohammad saws to them in order to reform for them the religion of their father Ibraheem as, to tell them that the worship should purely and absolutely be Allaah’s, and to tell them that their associating partners with Allaah has destroyed all their acts of worship. The Prophet of Allaah saws then fought them in order that supplications, sacrifice, vows, seeking aid and all other acts of worship became solely for Allaah. He taught them that healing of the sick, bringing happiness to the near relatives, forgiving the sins, etc. are acts that none is capable of except Allah. He also taught them that graves and tombs should not be visited for the purpose of supplication and prayer. He taught them that seeking aid from the creatures in what they cannot do is like one drowning person seeking help from another person who is also drowning.

Therefore, fellow Muslims! Ask Allaah for your needs, for it is He who provides without any reason or means. He provides for you from sources you cannot imagine. As for shirk, it can be erased by At-Tawheed, for bad deeds are wiped out by good ones.

Brother in faith! Prevention of harm should be sought from Allaah alone, for whoever seeks protection from harm from other things like incantations and amulets has depended on other than Allaah. The Prophet saws said,

  “Indeed, the incantations, amulets and love charms are all part of shirk.” (Ahmed).

It should be noted that amulets are lifeless objects that can not prevent anything of what Allaah has decreed from happening. They do not prevent the occurrence of undesirable things nor do they bring about desired things. Therefore depend on Allaah alone, ask your needs from Him, take refuge with Him and surrender you affairs to Him. If you do that Allaah will provide you your needs and gladden your heart. Whoever depends on Allaah, He suffices him, and when Allaah suffices His slave and protects him, no enemy can think of harming him.

Fellow Muslims! Visiting magicians and fortunetellers, believing in their superstitions, asking them of hidden and future things, seeking love charms from them and being pleased with all that is a violation of one’s belief, a defect in one’s dependence on Allaah and a show of displeasure at what has been decreed by Allaah. The Prophet saws said,

  “Whoever visits a fortuneteller or soothsayer and believes him in all that he says has disbelieved in what is revealed to Mohammad.”

It should also be known that the provision of Allaah can never be attained by avarice of a greedy person nor by the aversion of an unwilling person. Hasan Al-Basree said,

  “Since I know that nobody can eat what has been destined as my provision, my mind is at rest.”

Abstain from frequent swearing even if you say the truth. If there is a need to, do not swear except by one of the names or attributes of Allaah.

Dear brother! Let it be clear that this life is full of problems and tribulations. It is destined to be a place of hardship and ever-changing conditions. Therefore, have belief in predestination, for belief in predestination is one of the pillars of faith. Be also aware that not all desired things are attained. It is only supplication and absolute directing of one’s request to Allaah that opens the gates of prosperity to a servant. It is also mandatory that a believer’s fear and hope are one. None of the two should be allowed to prevail over the other, for if one allows his fear to prevail, he falls into a sort despair, and if he allows his hope to prevail, he gains a false sense of security from the plan of Allaah. Each of the two leads to eternal destruction. So the praiseworthy fear is the one that keeps you from approaching what Allaah has forbidden.

Brothers in faith! Praying with the Muslim congregation in the Houses of Allaah increases one in eeman, illuminates the face and prevents one from committing sins. Allaah says,

  “And perform As-Salat. Verily, the prayer prevents from Al-Fahshsa (i.e. great sins of every kind, unlawful sexual intercourse) and Al-Munkar (i.e. disbelief, polytheism and every kind of evil wicked deed) and the remembering (praising) of (you by) Allaah (in front of the angels) is greater indeed (than your remembering (praising) of Allaah in prayers). And Allaah knows what you do.” (Al-Ankaboot 29:45)  

Brothers in Islaam! Deriving one’s food and drink form lawful sources is also a sign of one’s sound faith and good conduct. It also helps in having one’s supplications accepted. The Prophet saws said,

  “O Sa’d, Eat only lawful food, your supplication will be accepted.”

Keep away also, dear brothers, from dealing with usury and transacting with unlawful things and let your dealings with others be on the basis of love and hatred for the sake of Allaah, for whoever seeks Allaah’s love by displeasing people, Allaah will save him from people’s trouble.

Beware also of doing injustice to people because injustice is a compounded darkness on the Day of Judgement. Also, supplication of the wronged is accepted and his request is granted. Do not, therefore, deny people of their rights and do not oppress them. Allaah says,

  “And whoever among you does wrong, We shall make him taste a great torment.” (Al-Furqan 25:19)  

Fellow Muslims! Preoccupying oneself with ones own defects and overlooking others’ is a character of a wise man. And a person who seeks the pleasure of Allaah should strive to obey Him. He should also have lofty aims and a sound knowledge that can make him see the light and direct him to the straight path. Move then, dear brothers, towards the pleasure of Allaah through recognising His favours on you and minding your own faults. Do not backbite or slander any Muslim. The Prophet saws said,

  “Certainly your blood, your properties and your honour are sacred to each other, as sacred as this day, this city and this month.”

Do not let envy and whims drive you into slandering your fellow Muslims, for envy is severest in evil consequences. Abhor this evil character and be God-conscious whenever you feel it in your mind for, whoever fears Allaah and is patient, Allaah makes his piety benefit him. Adopt noble character and be constant in your worship, for constant worship keeps one away from hypocrisy as seeking assistance from Allaah keeps one away from haughtiness and arrogance; and enjoining good and forbidding vices prevents calamity.

Shun all sins, for they weaken the heart and body, drive away Allaah’s favours and bring afflictions. It is Satan who extols sins to man, makes him forget it’s their horrible consequences and beckons to him with the abundance of Allaah’s mercy thereby weakening his striving to win Allaah’s pleasure and the abode of the hereafter. Do not therefore follow him and do not hesitate to fight him. Endeavor to do righteous deeds after your Hajj, for it is a sign of an accepted good deed that one does more good deeds. Allaah says,

  “And verily, this is my straight path, so follow it and follow not (other) paths, for they will separate you away from His path. This He has ordained for you that you may become pious.” (Al-An’aam 6:153)  

Brothers in faith! Indeed death is the end of every living being, resurrection is the successor of this life; there is going to be reckoning for everything; over everything there is a watchful observer; for every good deed there is a reward; for every evil act there is a penalty and for each and every matter there is a decree. Definitely, a companion will be buried with you, he will be alive while you are dead. If he is friendly he will honour you and if he is reprehensible he will harm you, then you will not be resurrected except in his company and you will not be asked except about him. Try then, to make him a righteous companion. That companion is your deeds. Therefore do much good deeds, be firm in your religion, persevere over it, abstain from all that it forbids, carry out its commandments, let knowledge, good deeds and eeman be your weapon, reflect on the admonitions of the Glorious Qur’an and remember Allaah all your life. Also do a lot of istighfaar (Invoking Allaah for forgiveness) and thank Him for the success you have achieved.