Unconscious Muslims


Unconscious Muslims


While I have been known as a lady of many opinions, and usually strong ones, I have been unusually quiet lately. Mostly, it is because I am in a state of shock over the affairs of our nation. I don’t mean America, rather the state of the Muslim nation.

Where to start? I guess September 11th is the best starting point. There are so many unknowns about this time. Did BinLadin mastermind this, or did he just know it was going to happen (someone informed him)? Were the Taliban behind it? Was this even really done by Muslims or a plot from some outside force trying to discredit Islam or destroy the Islamic Empire of Afghanistan? So many unknowns. Since there is no true evidence to support any theory, I can not make any valid conclusions, but this much I am sure about: We as a nation have reacted in the worst possible way.

In order to illustrate this, I am going to begin with an assumption that many Muslims may cringe at, but which frankly I don’t believe, for as I said before, I do not know what to believe, and I will defer to the words of Allah in this matter:

O ye who believe! Avoid suspicion as much (as possible): for suspicion in some cases is a sin: And spy not on each other behind their backs. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Nay, ye would abhor it...But fear Allah: For Allah is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful. 49:12

So, since I do not know what happened, and I do not believe a Muslim - BinLadin in particular – masterminded this, I want to be sure that I preface this carefully. Now, for the sake of argument and to get to my point (It does not matter if he did or didn’t do it) I will make the assumption – what if….

What if:

Presume that BinLadin masterminded this attack. Also Presume that the Taliban and the Islamic Empire of Afghanistan were behind it 100%, and all this was done with their full knowledge, consent and even under orders from them. I know, this seems far fetched, but what if…

How do we as a Muslim nation react to this type of action?

The Muslim Ummah’s Reaction:

Well, the first reaction would be obvious shock, disbelief and disapproval. The majority of the Muslim nation agrees that it is haram to target civilians in war. Yes, war. I use this term, because I am not foolish enough to believe that this would not have started prior to September 11th. For after the United States bombed Afghanistan trying to murder BinLadin, after the attack on the USS Cole, they by all rights were to be considered at war with the Islamic Empire of Afghanistan which – in spite of America’s refusal to acknowledge them were a real nation, just as much so as Palestine, which America also refuses to acknowledge. Thus America’s consent is not necessary to a government to be legitimate.

OK. So we know that the Islamic Empire of Afghanistan had a legitimate reason to consider themselves at war with America. Not even the United Nations could deny that a country that had its borders violated and was bombed by an outsider has the right to declare war against the outside force.

Now, what is a tiny fledgling Muslim country to do? They would naturally consult their scholars. Let’s presume again that they did that, and the scholars told them they had the right to use civilians in this way. (We presume this because we ALWAYS give Muslims the benefit of the doubt.) So now, they mean to act upon the advise of their scholars and prepare for Jihad.

OK – now many of you are fuming: Again – remember the following:

Narrated 'Amr bin Al-'As:

That he heard Allah's Apostle saying, "If a judge gives a verdict according to the best of his knowledge and his verdict is correct (i.e. agrees with Allah and His Apostle's verdict) he will receive a double reward, and if he gives a verdict according to the best of his knowledge and his verdict is wrong, (i.e. against that of Allah and His Apostle) even then he will get a reward." Bukhari: Volume 9, Book 92, Number 450:

Whether we agree with this judgment or not, we have to understand that many known respectable scholars through the centuries have held this opinion. We have examples of the Muslim nations hurling fireballs with catapults into villages, in order to conquer them. We do not have to agree that the judgment is correct but recognize that an incorrect judgment does not make a scholar or those who act upon it kafirs or even necessarily sinful – only misguided. Anything more is for Allah to Judge – no matter how heinous.

And we are not to question a person’s sincerity in Islam, even if we believe they have only accepted Islam to avoid death, much less if they have simply committed a sin, even a major sin – for did not even our beloved companions commit huge errors in judgment in their wars against each other while they knew and lived with the Prophet, himself? And we do not even dare to question their devotion to Allah regardless which side they were on! They made judgments and erred in them; are not our modern brothers more prone to mistakes in judgment?

To continue. There is doubt we had a Muslim nation at war with a non-Muslim nation. This Muslim nation acted in a way we may not agree with, so what do we do? Well, when two MUSLIM nations are in dispute, we are commanded:

If two parties among the Believers fall into a quarrel, make ye peace between them: but if one of them transgresses beyond bounds against the other, then fight ye (all) against the one that transgresses until it complies with the command of Allah; but if it complies, then make peace between them with justice, and be fair: for Allah loves those who are fair (and just). 49:9-10

So, as a Muslim ummah, we may fight the transgressing nation in order to correct them. But, here we did not have two Muslim nations. Here we had a Muslim nation and a kafir nation.

OK, now we will have arguments from those who want to say Muslims live in America, but that is actually a moot point for the prophet stated that he is not responsible for those who choose to live in the land of the kafiroon. We may choose to live there, but if they are at war with the Muslims, they are taking a chance they may be killed during that war. No Muslim nation can be expected to protect those who live amongst the enemy.

So, how do we deal with a Muslim nation that made a mistake in their war against the kafirs? Let me begin by telling you what we can not do – or let me have Allah’s words speak for me, for I would be a fool to think I could top them:

Let not the believers Take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah: except by way of precaution, that ye may Guard yourselves from them. But Allah cautions you (To remember) Himself; for the final goal is to Allah. 3:28

So, we know with NO doubt that we can not side with them against a Muslim nation. Nor should we be amongst those proudly displaying nationalism or pride in one of these nations, as Allah said:

Thou wilt not find any people who believe in Allah and the Last Day, loving those who resist Allah and His Messenger, even though they were their fathers or their sons, or their brothers, or their kindred. For such He has written Faith in their hearts, and strengthened them with a spirit from Himself. And He will admit them to Gardens beneath which Rivers flow, to dwell therein (for ever). Allah will be well pleased with them, and they with Him. They are the Party of Allah. Truly it is the Party of Allah that will achieve Felicity. 58:22

And this has been even more strongly emphasized when our enemies are from the Christians and Jews, for Allah warned us:

Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with thee unless thou follow their form of religion. Say: "The Guidance of Allah,-that is the (only) Guidance." Were thou to follow their desires after the knowledge which hath reached thee, then wouldst thou find neither Protector nor helper against Allah. 2:120

So to side with the United States against The Islamic Empire of Afghanistan is clearly a horrendous sin. We can not condone their actions against a Muslim nation, nor can we show patriotism/nationalism/pride/solidarity/ or even acceptance of their retaliation against what they claim to be the Islamic Empire of Afghanistan’s retaliation for the US’s bombing of their country in retaliation for the suspected bombing of the USS Cole by a person who lives in this country. Is that straight?

In essence, this is not a new battle. The US has been accusing the Islamic Empire of Afghanistan for a long time. Their greatest crime to date has been harboring a wanted man. Well, England has been refusing extradition of one of its citizen’s to France for 6 years. Did France go and bomb the **** out of England, kill thousand’s of civilians (by accident) and impose a new government? Of course not. These are civilized nations. They have been and still are using legal means – going to court, showing evidence, and waiting for a decision in the extradition process. So why, I question did the Islamic Empire of Afghanistan not get even a few mon! ths, much less 6 years to resolve this matter? But this diverges from my point.

So what should the Muslim nation do? First, talk to them. We should have sent envoys to ask them to resolve this in an Islamic manner. (OK Pakistan told them to hand BinLadin to the US, but this solution is haram.) We must ask for an Islamic solution. The Islamic Empire of Afghanistan offered to send BinLadin to Saudi Arabia to be tried. Why did we not accept this – in spite of America’s refusal of this solution? Why did we accept for a kafir nation to destroy a Muslim nation and impose its own puppet government? Why is annihilation of Muslims even ever considered a choice? What is wrong with us that we are sitting idly by as this happens.

We are unconscious. This Muslim nation is supposed to be one nation that feels the pain of our brothers and sisters. Allah says:

'Nor kill such life as Allah has made sacred, Except for just cause.' (25.168) "And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell. (4.93).

When our hand hurts, our body hurts. We just had our head cut off, and we don’t even miss it!

I have not spoken because, wallahi, I was dumbstruck! I don’t know how this can happen. I see Muslims waving American flags, and heralding the murder of Muslim women and men, celebrating the destruction of masjids, and applauding the removal of hijab and the sounds of what the Prophet called the instruments of Shaytan (music)! I see Muslims begging America to forgive us while handing her the weapons to destroy us!

I have been quiet for too long. I don’t think the Taliban or BinLadin did this, and I challenge them to bring real evidence – not a fuzzy unclear tape that was supposed to be made in the very beginning of the world’s strangest Ramadhan – a Ramadhan with a full moon at the beginning of the month! But wallahi, even if he did it – we are wrong! We are wrong to accept this intrusion into our sovergnty, this imposition of government and this wanton overt massacre of Muslims. We are wrong, and I pray that somewhere, somehow, Allah reward America for this atrocity, equal retaliation!

Ya Allah wake us from our unconscious state and make us Muslims worthy of You and Your Great Victory! Ameen!