My Road to Hijab

Maahwish Fatima, 19 years old, a student.





Today for what purpose I m here...Yah I m going to tell u a very important aspect of my life and which keep great importance in life of every girl and definitely important aspect for whole ummah.. infcat I m telling u my journey to hijab. What is hijab? (hijab is an Arabic word which means to cover our whole body with lose fitted dress in such a way that no body part should be exposed apart from face and hands). If we see it’s not a difficult command from ALLAH. that means we can obey easily but arise plenty of question in once mind and create sometime lots of unusual situations. So what I felt, faced n how I coped that’s all is below.


Infact I guess, 1 year ago I saw a program in which a couple was giving an interview & the replies which were being given by them based on Quran and sunnan so their answers were very authentic. so I got really impressed that Quran is our holy book and how much it is authentic….??  And made my mind to do something …infact what exactly made my mind I still don’t know… Alhumdullilah I m borned Muslim but exactly not fulfilling the duties of a good Muslim. So I felt to do something which is instructed by ALLAH so being a girl an idea of hijab pooped into my mind but at the same time I got afraid to wear it.. I thought how I will look like after observing hijab… (You know that on that I didn’t know the perfect word Hijab)...So I thought that how can I make my self looking good in spite of wearing hijab that’s surely a wrong perception of my mind. I thought that b/c I didn’t know that the basic purpose of hijab…so time passes & I was waiting for a right time then when I got free  then I searched some of website that belongs to Islam and came across with people who had knowledge regarded Islamic injunctions. I really learnt from them and also intermingled with lots of misconception as well. I remember that one time I really got scared because of some strange perceptions well!  ALLAH swt knows better what exactly that was.?


 Fortunately I came across a good website due to one my good friend www.understanding-islam. I learned a lot from that website but surely was waiting 4 a right time to observe hijab…. Yet I was continuously making DUA to ALLAH that makes my way easy then surfed another website www.jannah.org. due to my same friend(thanx friend). I really learned a lot from that website regarded hijab and other aspects of islam and made my mind that I must do hijab at any cost but was still confused … Here I want to let u know I really tried to find institution or academy that could help me to learn my Religion but I couldn’t find so by internet and surfing websites was only way out 4 me..


Infact what made me scraed & afraid of wearing hijab that’s important here. Although I live at Islamic country but had some confusions and complications. What I felt that when a girl observes hijab people think that she is conservative and doesn’t have broad mind on the contrary to keep broad thinking is related with mind, inner self not with the dresses and appearance. Yet on that I didn’t feel this and the second thing which I felt that in our country usually plenty of women wear abaya that’s the same kind of covering which we observe in hijab but most of them are unawared of that. They do b/c of the pressure of family and frankly speaking when they get the opportunity to take off they really do so. And some of the ladies who wear this sort of cover clothing, belong from an illiterate families & do for the pressure of their immodest husbands so when I think to observe hijab so I placed myself in place of that ladies which really made me feel oppressed. Yet certainly there are some good ladies who do just for the sake of ALLAH but definitely on that time I didn’t think of those ladies… This kind of problems & thinking when came in my mind I couldn’t help without scaring….


Another problem to face off wall comments. Offcource some times people included men and women stare at u and laugh as well. They think that the girl who observe hijab keep narrow mind, narrow observation and worthless for the progressive world. I again repeat that these qualities come from mind not from the appearance….Yah  there are also men and women like this attitude but surely they are less in quantity. Acceptance of family and relative also a big problem,  in my case  they didn’t oppose me much...Another point which I want to mention that in our country some girls observe ABAYA just 4 get rid of sun rays & etc etc…. The other thing that is embarrsing to mention but its truth so I have to, infact some girls inspite of wearing ABAYA, have dates with their boyfriends. I don’t understand that for what purpose they do…? This ratio is increasing day by day and now people point out especially those girls who usually wear this sort of covering… Now some girls wear Niqab while having their dates only. So nobody can recognize. When I thought to observe Hijab so thought that people will think same about me. Yet there are some girls are here and they wear just for the sake of modesty. Infact in Pakistan, we don’t have obligations in our dress. We can do whatever we want we can put scarf on our head and can remove it any time no restrictions are here and unfortunately parents never try to teach the deepest study of Islam…. Offcorce my parents also didn’t teach me much. Infact what we know that performing namaz and keeping fast is the duties of a good Muslims and never care of other aspects. And some peoples even dont practise these two things.


Well! Another excuse I did have that there is very hot in my country. And seemed very difficult to observe Hijab…but the most merciful who is up there helped me greatly. And I got the solutions of all problems. how..?… Finally one day, I received an invitation of website

 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Nur_al_Islaam/  I signed in there and then I asked queries which came in my mind & by discussing my all problems & thinking I got solution of all by only one answer.

            That why we r here because ALLAH sent us and want us to get best use of this world but while achieving best use of it we should take care of his command. Because we are totally depended on ALLAH 4 our being and existence. This world is just a trial & test the real world is here after and ALLAH never put that burden which we can’t bear…. Infact whatever ALLAH has given to us is more than everything. If the water of ocean change in to the ink so that will be less even for writing those thing which ALLAH has give to us. So wearing hijab is such a small effort in comparison what HE does for us. Then I thought, I bow (sajda) in front of ALLAH so why should I scared of people who r nothing…when I feel scared so go toward ALLAH not those people and HE helped me greatly so why should I care of those people n their comments and why should I exposed my self in front of the people .. And I guess people should concern me for my mind for my thinking not for my sex.


I thought that doing hijab is a small effort just for the sake of ALLAH who gives me favour in every walk of my life and now I feel that I m Muslim and my body is my private concerned…and infact hijab is the perfect outlet for women for seek liberation respect and ultimate freedom from the sexual harassment and liking. The words that helped me great are “ whom I’m going to fear? These people whom I don’t know and ALLAH? “ Whom I depend 4 every wish even my existence my happiness given by HIM. When these points cleared so I thought that if other women do it for different purposes and they take off covering when they want. They just misuse this sort of modest covering for their own purposes so what….?  I just have to concentrate on myself that I m doing this forever and  do it not for the fear of family, sunrays etc etc but for a most merciful ALLAH …after accepting these ultimate facts who cares of hotness of weather…and finally I over come on all problems.


                      Truly when intentions are honest and real so ALLAH swt makes ways easy.


And finally that day came when I started wearing hijab june10, 2005…it hasn’t been a long time to observe HIJAB but now it has become a part of my life. When I have to go outside I have to cover my head and body by lose fitted dress and I simply feel great... Infact when I go out side and cover myself really I feel happiness and pleasure inside my self that this moment I m pleasing ALLAH by such a small effort. These feelings are simply marvelous for me…

I hear comments from people as well but more than I feel the encouragement of ALLAH

When I didn’t observe hijab so used to learn stories of different women of observing hijab then I thought when I write my own story. And right now while I m writing my own story what I feel I cant express. Finally I just really grateful to ALLAH who made my way easy to please him. And definitely some people who helped me a lot to understand and convinced my self to wear hijab and those websites as well who helped me. And thankful to my friends as well.

I just suggest to you all that not in matter of Hijab only infact in every good aspect just take a single step. Trust me!!!!.....rest of the steps will be taken by ALLAH swt.